Digiloge communication for local traders

Due to the current Corona regulations, local retailers had to close again. The important Christmas business, which accounts for more than 20% of annual sales, is thus cancelled. Nor can it be assumed that after the current lock down is lifted, things will go back to the way they were before. But in general, you don't need a lock down to be cut off from the world as a local retailer: Construction work in the main shopping street or bridge closures can also cause sales to plummet.

The digiloge communication concept of PR Agentur PRO from Rheinzabern takes precautions for such situations. The digital and analogue worlds are intelligently linked; then you are also equipped in hard times and do not have to fear a loss of sales.

The digiloge communication concept even enables virtual trade fairs to be held.

How can this be realised?

The traders need an "intelligent" website. With a classic online shop, they would not be able to defy the existing online giants. The main competitive advantage of local traders is the existing personal contact with the customer. This point is unbeatable - not even by the existing online giants. Therefore, a website is needed that enables personal contact with the customer and direct communication with the customers.

This personal contact with the customer and a multi-directional communication option on the website itself connect the digital with the analogue world and make local traders independent of adverse environmental influences. This means that business can be maintained even during lockdown periods.

Transferable concept

The digiloge communication concept is also transferable to other topics and can be applied wherever interest groups meet. The Protestant parish in Waghäusel, for example, has taken up the digiloge communication concept from PR agency PRO and, as a first step, can also carry out the Living Advent Calendar in Corona times. Further activities are planned for the coming year. The parish website allows people to meet and discuss topics online in a protected environment. It is also generally possible to hold classes via the website.

The crisis as an opportunity

Every crisis should also be seen as an opportunity to break new ground. Digilogue communication is a new way in the right direction: Digilogue should not prevent the analogue world. It should be seen as a necessary complement. Or in other words: digital and analogue worlds are mutually dependent and become a whole.