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Internet law - there is no internet law in Germany!

Query from 2 December 2022

As you can see. In Germany we have about 1773 federal laws with more than 50,000 paragraphs and more than 2,700 federal ordinances with 42,000 paragraphs. In addition, there are the laws and ordinances of the sixteen Länder.

But an explicit Internet law we still do not have in Germany.

So there is no internet law in Germany

All individual laws apply on the internet. And that is what we commonly call internet law, which definitely does not exist.

Everyone who is active on the internet must observe the individual laws. That is why it is so easy for warning associations to collect money for the most diverse topics.

Currently, we have a definite wave of warnings regarding the use of Google Web Fonts due to the ruling of a regional court in Munich.

Please read the article from the NEW D√úSSELDORFER NEWSPAPER through regarding this wave of warning letters.

It says very clearly here that the law currently in force in Germany is, so to speak, a money printing machine for fraudsters. This fact is not legal even for the law in force. But where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge. This is a general rule. So, if those who have been warned do not defend themselves and simply pay, nothing happens. It is as simple as that. We find that very sad.

The linked article from the NEW D√úSSELDORFER NEWSPAPER shows very clearly that citizens in Germany are trying to abuse German law in this way.

The Internet has by its nature, the property, interactive and multidirectional to be. It can be communicated multidirectionally. This is in the analogue life not possible. Those who do not want to communicate multidirectionally should simply leave the internet. With all Opportunities and risks. Why are such dubious warning associations always given the opportunity to issue warnings against something that is "self-evident" in the digital sphere? And this is only because we here in Germany no internet law have? Could this have something to do with the fact that we are generally at the digital tail end? Do we want to remain in this position? The admission of the prevention of reloading Google fonts leaves us in any case at the bottom of the list.

Everything is a matter of interpretation

The law has become a very bizarre part of our life in this country (Germany). The law is a matter of interpretation. Yes, it can be interpreted! The better the interpretation, the better the legal situation.

Stay cool!

Staying cool is not so easy in this country of ours, which I love very much. Staying cool in this context means when a Warning comes being aware that you are being asked first, to refrain from doing somethingonly then comes the "PENALTY" measured in monetary units, about the legality of which one can also still argue. So you get the opportunity to repair the damage first. Or: one should be given the opportunity to do so. This with at least three call signs!!! But such DISTRIBUTION ASSOCIATIONS rely on fearful people paying. A definite stop must be put to this! And such "Abmahnvereine" or whatever you want to call them must be punished severely (with many monetary units)!