Who is behind PR Agency PRO?

Behind PR Agency PRO is Karin Schlo√ü.

She was born in September 1966 near Karlsruhe, in Rhineland-Palatinate, in Germany. Karin Schlo√ü is true Palatine.

Karin Schlo√ü studied business administration (MBA) and specialised in trade marketing. Her Marketing concepts have won several awards, once in the Federal Chancellery (on 18 December 2001) - she is very proud of this. If you are interested in further details regarding the award, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more details.

As press spokesperson, she was Marketing- and PR employee working for a company that Aids for the blind and visually impaired produced, and for the Foundation of a fair for blind and visually impaired people. If you are interested in further details, we will be happy to share them with you on request. Karin Schlo√ü worked as a press officer for this trade fair for the first 4 years after its foundation. After that, her professional path led in a different direction. But she is proud that she was one of the founders of this fair and that it is still the biggest European fair for blind and visually impaired people after so many years.

Karin Schlo√ü has been involved in web design since 1996. She is one of those who have worked with the Text editor wrote HTML and CSS code by hand in the beginning and was happy to see a website come out of it. In the beginning, she was graphically oriented and thought that appealing images were the most important element of a website.

Karin Schloß

From 2001 to 2007, she had the good fortune to work as a Marketing- and PR consultant for one of the largest manufacturers of aids for the blind in Germany.

Among other things, she was responsible for the website and the creation (production and text) of electronic advertising material (newsletters, audio contributions, PDF magazines, podcasts,...). Karin Schloß learned during this time that blind and visually impaired people deal naturally with the medium PC and Internet - and for her this is now a matter of course. Back in 2001, she learned SEO from a blind programmer, or: she learned how search engines search from this blind colleague and programmer.

Karin Schloß has learned a lot from their blind programming colleagues, e.g. that a search engine perceives the internet like a blind person. Images are recognised by search engines as image files. Even if the image contains text, the search engine cannot read the text in the image. Nowadays, search engines can do much more. Search engines can now also read text from images. This was different in the past. Karin Schloß has seen all the fields in this respect.

Content is King - still!

The well-known phrase "Content is King" by Bill Gates is more relevant today than ever. Content is King was valid from the beginning and still is today. Unfortunately, we notice time and again that most website operators lose sight of this.

Long story shortWe learned from blind colleagues how search engines "tick". That's why we started very early (in 2001) to deal with SEO. When we started to deal with SEO, it was still very easy. Nowadays it is very tricky to get a good position for a certain keyword in the search engines. Google has several hundred criteria for a good ranking. Not all of them are equally important. But content is king. In short: offer good content that is unique. Then you will rank. This is easier said than done. But in the end it means: If you are on the ball with your topic, are authentic and report on it from your point of view (the latter is crucial for the Uniqueness important), then they rank. When you start doing content marketing, you will see the first developments quite quickly. It was moving upwards and hopefully in the right direction. But at some point it stops and you may have the impression that you are close to the finish line. That's exactly when it's time to MOVE ON! Check the content, the technique, the backlinks. There is always something you can do to improve the position. Sometimes you may have to delete content because the search engines have difficulty identifying your target content.

Why PR Agency PRO?

Honestly. The domain name PR Agentur PRO was originally intended for something else. We wanted to launch a new kind of PR platform at the beginning of 2020. But then one of us dropped out because of Corona. With SEO, web design & Co. we do nothing else but PR. A different kind of PR. Digital PR with a different understanding.

Our prices

We lie In the good midfield in terms of price. There have also been customers who have left us. But the nice thing is that they have come back. In the end, it's all a question of price and the service you get for it. Performance has to be paid for.

Our credo

Our top maxim is that we don't fool them. We speak plainly. Talking plainly can discourage.

If you go online with a new domain that nobody knows about and for which no advertising and no SEO is done, then we tell you quite honestly that you will not be found and will not make any sales with the website - no matter how great your website looks, how much your website has cost and no matter how great the sliders look that you use on the website. We know how you can attract customers with the website. But this is not a one-time action, it is a process that requires many hours of work. Who does these hours is secondary for us. We will gladly train you on this topic. But No success without work. Simply putting a website online and getting countless customers doesn't work. Unless you are Johnny Depp, BASF, Heidi Klum, Mercedes, Porsche, etc. If you are neither a celebrity nor a famous company, then you should do more than just put a website online. We can tell you what to do.

Imagine the internet. Today's query on 11 November 2022 shows that there are about 2 billion websites. What are you prepared to do to ensure that your website ranks? What reason does a search engine have to rank your website or to rank it highly? What do you offer in return? Special information, special service, special experience? The question is: what do you offer and what makes you unique?

Search engines can already read text from pictures. But what reason do you think Google had when it bought Youtube? Can the Google search engine read text from videos? Probably not yet. Search engines are still available today on Text within videos. Those who publish videos on Youtube tag them and provide them with text.

Why now PR Agency PRO?

Because we do PR. We do SEO PR. Today we are happy with this domain after all.