Increase B2B WooCommerce shop sales with Memberpress Corporate Accounts

What are Memberpress Corporate Accounts? #

MemberPress Corporate Accounts is a feature of the MemberPress WordPress plugin that allows companies and organisations to give their employees or members access to online courses, digital products and other content on their website.

How can Memberpress Corporate Accounts increase B2B WooCommerce shop sales? #

Memberpress Corporate Accounts is particularly interesting for B2B shops. This is when, for example, a company promotes buyers of its employees in a certain WooCommerce shop, e.g. with a voucher.

So let's assume that company A buys work clothes from company B. The company A buys the work clothes from company B. However, employees always know best when they need new workwear. So it is a good idea to provide employees with an account in a specific workwear shop. Such accounts can be managed very well with Memberpress Corporate Accounts. The B2B client company can then create the accounts for the employees themselves.

If the client company pays for its employees' clothing up to a certain amount, then this is also easy to handle: the employees simply receive a voucher that they can redeem up to a certain amount. Anything above that must be paid out of pocket. This way, the employees receive the invoice and the client company has no administrative burden. The shop operator then sends the client company a collective invoice for the vouchers redeemed by the employees.