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Learndash - professional online learning portals

Learndash "transforms" your WordPress site into an online learning portal

Learndash is a Learn Management System (LMS) for WordPress.

With Learndash it is possible to Online learning portals / platforms to create.

This solution is interesting for many different applications and target groups:

  • For schools,
  • for companies that would like to provide employees with their own learning platform,
  • for counsellors who want to train their clients online
  • and many other missions more.

Why Learndash?

Selected LearnDash functions:

  • Drag & Drop Course Creation
  • Create beautiful courses that match your brand. No programming skills required.
  • Course cloning
  • Easily duplicate content to get a head start on your next course.
    Course Creation Assistant
  • Create a new course in less than a minute by pasting the URL of a video playlist.

Important Learndash features for learners

Focus mode
Eliminate distractions with focus mode by hiding content that makes students click out of the course.

Video progress
Learners no longer miss a second when they have to watch a video in full before they can move on.

Automated notifications
Students can receive instant feedback and notifications when they achieve a certain score or perform a certain action.

Learning paths
Allow learners to test their courses by activating challenge exams.

Badges and certificates
Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completion of a course, or both.

Profile dashboard
Learners can see courses, quiz results and points achieved at a glance.

Learndash & E-Commerce

One-off purchases
Sell courses individually. Simply set a price and your course can be bought.

Sell courses via a recurring fee at an interval of your choice.

Payment gateways
Use an integrated payment system or integrate WooCommerce for a full shopping cart function.

Sell memberships through groups to provide access to your course library.

Course bundle
Offer promotions and offers for course bundles that add value for your students.

Stripe integration
Skip the shopping cart and offer seamless checkout with Stripe.

LearnDash - your learning portal without sales fees to a third-party provider

With LearnDash you get YOUR OWN learning platform. You don't have to pay a sales commission to a third party. With LearnDash, it's YOUR platform that you run on your terms.

Learndash automation

Numerous options are available for automation, e.g.

  • Email campaigns
  • automated workflows or
  • the creation of customised customer profiles

  • ¬†

Which option you choose depends on your individual requirements. Let's talk about your learning portal and contact us at ks@pr-agentur.pro or call us on 07272 9029240. Alternatively, you can send us a Project request per form pose.