Discord is a Communication and collaboration platform, which for Gamer but is also used by communities and groups of all kinds. It is available on several platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.

Discord offers a variety of features to help users communicate and collaborate with others. The Discord's main feature is the voice and text chat function, which allows users to join servers and converse with others in real time.

Discord servers are in channels which can be dedicated to specific themes or activities. Users can join multiple servers and easily switch between them. Discord also offers the possibility to create and join groups called "Discord servers" or "guilds" that can be used for anything from gaming to collaboration at work.

Discord also enables the Creation of private groupswhich can be used for safer and private conversations.

Discord also has an integrated voice chat system that allows users to communicate with other members of the server or group via voice chat; this feature is particularly useful for gaming communities.

Discord also has a robust safety systemwhich uses a combination of automated systems and human review to monitor and remove malicious behaviour from the platform.

In summary, Discord is a communication and collaboration platform for gamers, but it is also used by communities and groups of all kinds. It offers a variety of features such as voice and text chat, the ability to join servers and participate in real-time conversations, the ability to create and join groups, and the ability to create private groups for more secure and private conversations. It has an integrated voice chat system and uses a robust security system to monitor malicious behaviour.