Google Local Guides

Google Local Guides is a community of users who contribute to Google Maps by sharing their local knowledge and experiences. Members can earn points and badges for their contributions, for example by adding new places, editing existing entries, uploading photos and giving reviews. The more points a Local Guide accumulates, the higher their level, with the highest level being 10.

As a Local Guide you have Direct influence on the informationthat appear on Google Maps. By adding new places or updating existing listings, as a Local Guide you can ensure that others get accurate and useful information when searching for a particular place. In addition, by uploading photos and leaving reviews, Local Guides can provide a more complete and informative picture of a place, helping other users make more informed decisions about where to go and what to do.

Local Guides also receive exclusive benefits such as early access to new Google products and features, special discounts with local businesses and the opportunity to attend Local Guides events.

Overall, Google Local Guides is a great way for users to share their local knowledge and experiences with others, while helping to improve the accuracy and usefulness of Google Maps. By becoming a Local Guide, you can not only help others discover new places and experiences, but also gain access to exclusive benefits and discounts.