Brand awareness

The Brand awareness refers to the extent to which a brand is recognised and remembered by consumers in a market. It is a measure of the brand's visibility and the extent to which it has entered the minds of the target group.

A high level of brand awareness can lead to higher brand loyalty, a more positive attitude towards the brand and an increase in sales and turnover. A brand can increase its awareness through various marketing and promotional activities such as product placement, sponsorship, public relations and social media marketing.

The Brand awareness is usually achieved through Surveys and market research methods such as brand recognition tests, spontaneous recall tests and assisted recall tests. In a brand recognition test, participants are shown a list of brand names and asked if they know the brands. In a spontaneous memory test, participants are asked to name brands in a specific category without being prompted. In an aided memory test, participants are shown a list of brand names and asked to select the brands they know.

Knowing the level of awareness of a brand can help companies to Evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing and promotional activities and data-driven decisions to improve the visibility and awareness of their brand in the market.