Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is a technique to Optimise the loading performance of a website. This postpones the loading of certain elements of the page until they are actually needed, e.g. when they are in the viewport or when the user scrolls to them.

For example, if a web page contains many images, only the images that are visible on the screen are loaded when the page is first loaded. The remaining images are only loaded when the user scrolls down the page. This reduces the amount of data to be loaded and improves the initial loading speed.

Lazy loading can significantly improve the loading performance of a website, especially for pages with large amounts of content or images. It also helps to reduce the amount of data consumed by the user, which can be especially important for users on mobile devices with limited data plans.

Overall, lazy loading is a simple and effective technique that can have a big impact on the user experience and performance of a website.