SiteLiner is a website analysis tool that allows you to analyse and monitor various aspects of a website, such as broken links, duplicate content and more. It can also help identify problems with the structure, organisation and navigation of the website that can negatively impact the user experience and search engine optimisation.

As soon as you enter a URL, SiteLiner scans the entire website and generates a report containing a summary of the website analysis, e.g. the number of pages scanned, the number of broken links and the number of duplicate pages. It also contains a detailed breakdown of all problems found and suggestions on how to fix them.

For example, if SiteLiner finds a large number of broken links on a website, it will provide the URLs of the broken links as well as the URLs of the pages that contain those links. This allows website operators to quickly identify and fix broken links, which improves the user experience and helps search engines to better understand the website.

Other features include the ability to crawl the website and show you the internal link structure of the website. In addition, you usually get some information about the content, such as the number of words, meta tags, headings and the use of images.

Overall, SiteLiner can be a valuable tool for website owners and SEO experts as it can help identify and fix issues that negatively impact website performance and user experience.