Classic Editor

The Classic Editor is a WordPress plugin that restores the former content editor (also known as the TinyMCE editor) in WordPress 5.0 and later. It was developed in response to the introduction of the new block editor (also known as the Gutenberg editor) in WordPress 5.0, which some users found difficult to use or disliked for various reasons.

The Classic Editor plugin allows users to continue using the older TinyMCE editor, which was the default editor in WordPress versions prior to 5.0. It restores the familiar interface of the TinyMCE editor, including the toolbar with the formatting buttons and the visual and text tabs for switching between the visual and text views of the content.

The Classic Editor plugin can be installed on a WordPress site to replace the block editor and restore the older TinyMCE editor. It is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. Some users prefer the Classic Editor because it is simpler and easier to use, while others prefer the Block Editor because it offers more flexibility and customisation options for content layout.