Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg blocks are a feature of the WordPress content editor that allow you to create and customise the layout and appearance of your website's content. They are named after the inventor of printing, Johannes Gutenberg, because they allow users to build their content in the same way Gutenberg's printing press assembled letters into words and paragraphs.

Gutenberg blocks are created using the WordPress block editor, a new visual editor introduced in WordPress version 5.0. The block editor replaces the older, text-based editor used in previous versions of WordPress.

Each Gutenberg block represents a specific type of content, e.g. a paragraph, an image or a heading. Users can add blocks to their content by clicking the 'Add Block' button in the editor and selecting the type of block they want. They can then customise the look and layout of their content by adding, rearranging and styling the blocks as needed.

Gutenberg blocks are designed to make it easier for users to create and customise the look of their content in WordPress. They provide a more visual and user-friendly way to create and design pages and posts, and they allow users to create a variety of different layouts and designs.