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Content is King? And visibility - an example

Content is King is on everyone's lips. This means first and foremost and generally Content marketing meant.

But I can't repeat it often enough: it takes quite a while to achieve success, especially when time is short.


Let's take this domain as an example:

This domain was registered in about February 2020; I thought the "PRO" was so great. But as we all know, the search engines don't attach any importance to that - quite the opposite! It took me a few months to define what I wanted to do with this domain. Now this page has been "online" since 14 June 2020 with more or less the same content. So as of today (5 May 2021), it's been almost a year.

I was not lazy. I have created almost 140 articles on more than 17 different topics. As a slightly different PR agency, I find it fitting to blog on many different topics.


For terms that are important to me, the page has logically ranked quickly in the first positions. I am generally interested in the terms "digilog", "digilogieren", "digiloge Internetseite", "digiloge Kommunkation", etc. The "stupid" thing is that nobody searches for them. The "stupid" thing is that no one is looking for it. PR Agentur PRO is a "communication agency" that specialises in digilogue communication (web design in connection with the concept of digilogue communication). This is how I stand out from the competition. But as I said, nobody is looking for that. Perhaps you are now wondering why I stick to these terms. Quite simply: because I am still convinced of them!

Many different topics

Since I am interested in many topics and have experienced a lot in my life, I currently blog about 17 or more different topics. That's why a search engine doesn't necessarily find my core topic, for which I could generally be listed. If I were a search engine, I would ask myself: what does it actually want? And that's probably what the search engine does too ūüėČ

Then, at the end of last year, ambition got the better of me, as it often does at the end of the year, and I think I published a post almost every day.

Initially, nothing significant happened in terms of search engine technology.

Content marketing and the frustration tolerance

The frustration was great when I looked at my Sistrix visibility index in January. I can no longer say exactly how many zeros there were after the decimal point until the number 1 appeared. So the visibility in January 2021 was about 0.000000000001 (attention: exaggeration!) or something like that.

"SEO is for shit"

In between, I read articles on the internet with the headline "SEO is for shit". The articles were so convincing that I have to agree with some of them. But it's not completely "for shit".

Finally, I decided to stop blogging from now on. I have a high frustration tolerance. But at some point I didn't feel like it anymore and decided to use my energies elsewhere. I had produced podcasts, mini videos and posts. Nothing happened. But let's be honest: the site has only been around for 11 months. In terms of search engines, that's no time at all!

My SEO Tools

I use two professional SEO tools. One shows me my visibility with my search terms for which I would like to rank (but which, as I said, nobody searches for). And the Sistrix Visibility Index shows me the truth in no uncertain terms and with hard reality. I took a look at the latter yesterday and was very surprised. This has increased, since January by 75%. Oh well. If almost zero increases by 75% one is still at zero. But something has happened. And the curve contains a dramatic slope since May 2021.


Interesting: During the time when I blogged a lot, the visibility decreased. Now, a few months later, it is increasing.

Addendum November 2021

pr agency pro

And lo and behold: it has continued to develop. The increase is continuous.

It is now the end of November 2021. For about 3 months I have been continuously receiving enquiries about the website. Slowly, the page is being found on the relevant topics. And as it looks, some contributions are also so interesting for some readers that the interest turns into active enquiries.

A glimmer of hope

Although the graph above does not show the visibility (as it is too low), but rather the keywords under which the page is found, hope shines through. And the confirmation that content marketing simply takes time and even more so if you are a freelancer with a manageable budget and time. Ok, you could push your blog activities with expensive advertising and show a constant presence in social media. But there is simply not enough time for that.

Constant dripping wears the stone

Patience, perseverance and picking up where others leave off pays off. Don't give up with your content marketing. A good ranking is not only dependent on content, but on several hundred different factors and this year Google has increased the number of criteria by the Core Web Vitals.

If you google and read up on Core Web Vitals, you will also learn that content marketing will definitely not lose its importance.

Bill Gates already said in 1996 "Content is King". This has been true ever since, is becoming more and more important and will remain important! So: stay tuned!