Content marketing: a long-term view over 180 days

Comparison of two differently themed websites over a period of 180 days.

Page 1: It was blogged regularly over a period of almost 1.5 years. Two posts were published every week. Since the beginning of June 2020, there has been no more blogging.

Page 2: Regular blogging started 180 days ago. About two posts a week were published.

Now the result:

Page 1, as I said, has not been blogging for a little more than 180 days. The rankings were stable since the end of blogging until the last Google update at the beginning of December 2020. Since then, the page has deteriorated for more than 80 observed keywords; in some cases even completely out of the index.

Page 2 has been blogging regularly for about 180 days (since mid-June 2020). This page has 72 positive changes and only 6 negative changes. In total, this page is now ranked on page 1 for 33 different keywords. The trend is upwards. The positive development of page 2 began after the Google update at the beginning of December 2021.

The number of keywords observed is roughly the same for both pages: 145 keywords are observed.

-> There are other key figures that have deteriorated on page 1. But I think that the figures mentioned are very meaningful.


Positive success through blogging only comes with time. It takes a while until regular contributions have a positive effect on the ranking of a website in the search engines. The page that stopped blogging held its old position for almost 150 days. However, the last Google update, at the beginning of December 2020, has completely taken away the positioning of the page that stopped blogging for a large number of keywords.


Addendum 10 May 2021 to the developments on the first page

The previous observations / results referred to the fact that no major changes were made to the site. As of July 2020, the content and structure of the page remained the same. Now the entire page has been rebuilt in about a week. The blog posts, which had been used to slowly but surely gain visibility, were deleted. Yesterday, the Sistrix visibility score still showed a real visibility value. But in the past few days, this dropped very rapidly. As of today, due to a lack of visibility, only the number of keywords with which it is ranked on page 1 of the search results are displayed. While it takes some time to achieve a better ranking with content marketing, it takes comparatively less time until the hard-earned ranking is completely lost.

Below are the graphs on this. The descent could not be more rapid:

We note: blogging on this site stopped in about July 2020, the site structure was changed at the beginning of May 2021, blog posts were deleted (beginning of May 2021). This is tantamount to self-destruction. The grey representation of the last graph says that the visibility is so low that only the number of keywords is shown. Previously, the visibility was about 0.05.

Addendum 12 May 2021 to the developments on the first page

Today, the domain has reached a visibility index of 0.