Content Marketing: Target Group and Byer Persona

Content marketing is an important area of search engine optimisation. This is about making relevant information available on the website.

But what information is relevant for visitors to your website?

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Step 1: Your target group


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Residence

of your target group.

In the next step, you give your target group a face, you define the Byer Persona.

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Step 2: Byer Persona

This is where your target group gets a face: you create a fictitious person (or several) who is representative of your target group.

They now supplement the target group with very specific information such as

  • Special behaviours
  • Criteria used to make a purchase decision,
  • special wishes, problems, needs
  • and other, very individual criteria.

Look at pictures of people and put a face to your Byer Persona.

The more authentic your approach, the more likely it is that your messages will reach the right people.

Difference: Target group - Byer Persona

When you work your way from the target group to the Byer Persona, you work from the general to the specific. With the Byer Persona, your target group comes to life and becomes more tangible and therefore more approachable and targeted.

The process

What is described here very briefly and succinctly is in reality a long process. Data has to be analysed, needs have to be identified and from this you develop the content that is really relevant for your customers.