"Digiloge" Advent Season in the Protestant Parish of Waghäusel - Living Advent Calendar

Being One in Diversity ... - Living Advent Calendar of the Protestant Parish of Waghäusel (near Karlsruhe) - in 2020 it is "digilog"

Since 29 November 2020, the Protestant Parish Waghäusel the popular annual "Living Advent Calendar" despite (or even more so because of) Corona. On 26 evenings up to and including Christmas Eve, a little window of the Living (digilogen = intelligent combination of digital and analogue) Advent Calendar will open on every Advent evening in 2020. You can find out what is behind it in this article.

The Living Advent Calendar has a long history in the Protestant congregation of Waghäusel.

Under the motto "Being One in Diversity ...", the "Living Advent Calendar" has been held in the Protestant Parish of Waghäusel during Advent for many years. Every evening during Advent, a window opens with a special event. The approval of the parishioners has always been immense.

There were no limits to the imagination of those responsible for the design of the windows, and visitors were able to see for themselves the wealth of ideas and creativity in the community. The mayors of all the political communities - Hambrücken, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen and Waghäusel, for example - each designed an Advent window in 2015.

Old and young found each other, as windows were also designed and opened in the senior residences, inviting people to pause for advent and to meet each other. The last window opened on 23 December in the Church of the Redeemer in Waghäusel/Wiesental. From there, a large crowd set out for the Waldweihnacht, the ecumenical path to the manger, which led through several stations to the stable. All participants lingered over all kinds of pastries and hot drinks and thus got in the mood for the upcoming Christmas.

Being one in diversity... in times of Corona

The year 2020 presents us all with special challenges. The parishioners of the Protestant parish in Waghäusel were also faced with special challenges for the design of the annual Living Advent Calendar. The "digiloge" Living Advent Calendar was not frozen in fear but rather designed with even more imagination and drive in 2020.

The parishioners have outdone themselves this year. They made a virtue out of necessity and created a "digilogen" Living Advent Calendar in cooperation with PR agency PRO (Agentur für digiloge Kommunikation). The programme is something to behold!

A colourful, varied and artistic programme

The programme for the "digilogen" Living Advent Calendar 2020 is no less creative than in previous years. The special challenge of the current time rather shows that the parishioners are undaunted and motivated. Nothing can shake them in their experience of community. And that is a wonderful signal, especially during Advent.

How will the (digiloge) "Living Advent Calendar" be realised in 2020?

The programme includes video recordings and live streams. On the Sundays of Advent, live streaming and video recording services are held with the theme "Arriving in Advent".

On the remaining days, there will be video recordings or livestreams on topics such as "Handicrafts in Advent" or "A Christmas Qaudrille" by the local children's equestrian centre or a very nice video narration on Advent by the Waghäusel Community School. In addition, visitors to the (digilogenic) Living Advent Calendar of the Protestant Parish of Waghäusel can also experience local artists: Pianists, singers, dialect artists, etc.

The choir - a special challenge

In C times, a choir is a very special challenge. This is also mastered by the Living Advent Calendar of the Protestant parish. The choir is also hiding behind a little window of the Advent calendar in C-year 2020.

At the moment, we are not revealing which window of the Advent calendar the choir is hiding behind. But this recording was a very special challenge. The choir members were recorded individually and put together using video editing. The result: impressive! Just follow the Living Advent Calendar of the Protestant Parish of Waghäusel. Open a window every day. Then you will also experience the choir of the parish!

Courageous and intrepid people

Without imaginative, courageous and fearless people, such a community cannot be lived or implemented. You will find them in the Protestant congregation of Waghäusel. First and foremost, a very courageous and progressive pastor and an enthusiastic and no less progressive parish council. All of them have ensured that "Being One in Diversity ..." can also be lived in the C-year - a challenge for all of us! Respect! Even more respect for all participants, contributors, participating artists, initiators! Respect for the courage, the fearlessness and the motivation of these people.

A "sideshow" - No, Advent is not a sideshow. Let us reflect!

Being One in Diversity ... This is what the Protestant Parish of Waghäusel near Karlsruhe lives. The actions described may not be in the public eye at the moment. But they take on all the more significance that we should not let ourselves be intimidated by general events. In our time, community takes on an even greater significance than it ever had before. Faith, courage and hope drive us all forward.

Thank you!

We can all only say "thank you" to everyone involved in this Living Advent Calendar.