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3 September 2021

Oct 4, 2022
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What is marketing?

Marketing is a strategic task and comprises all sales- and procurement-oriented measures of a company.

What are the marketing tasks?

The tasks in marketing are very diverse - all are directed to the sales market and / or procurement market (partners and also employees).

The following marketing tasks can be roughly outlined:

  • Market and competition analysis
  • Product and innovation marketing
  • Assortment policy (preferably in retail)
  • Pricing policy / pricing
  • Communication: internal and external to the company
  • Procurement policy / procurement market research
  • Employee recruitment

The Marketing Department

Ideally, marketing should be institutionalized in a company. In other words, there should be a marketing department. Unfortunately, especially in small and medium-sized companies, marketing is the sole responsibility of the boss, who is not always aware that he is making important marketing decisions. Or to put it another way: In many companies, marketing is seen as an ad hoc action. Rarely are market decisions in these cases strategically planned.

Marketing - it's all about the right moves!

The market (sales and procurement market) is basically like a chessboard. There are different pieces that can be moved and can act in a certain way. A good chess player already knows several moves in advance. In other words, he works strategically. And this is exactly how good marketing should be understood.

Marketing - act strategically!

Please take another look at the marketing tasks we mentioned at the beginning. These are many and varied. And without good planning and strategy, you will always be second best. Even if you make your decisions based on a gut feeling that has never left you in your life. Imagine if you had acted strategically (like in a chess game) in the past years. How much more successful could you be than you are now?

Marketing and the lack of time in SME businesses

Marketing takes time and costs money.

If you hire people for marketing, then you have a permanent fixed cost for marketing.

You can avoid this fixed cost factor by first consulting an external consultant for marketing, so to speak, as an external marketing department.

The tasks / questions to be addressed to this external marketing consultant can be manifold, e.g.

  • Create a general marketing strategy
  • Establishing an effective marketing department in the company
  • and more.

External marketing department for more flexibility

With an external consultant for marketing you remain flexible in every respect. It is also open to you to hire various consultants for different issues.


As an entrepreneur, you must first realize that marketing is important and strategic. Marketing can give you a huge competitive edge and secure your business. Once you realize this, you move on to considering whether to hire employees or hire a consultant first.

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