Marketing with a difference

Marketing through information and advice: content marketing

Marketing with advisory and / or informative content highlights your competence and serves to build trust. Start with this!

There are very many factors that make up a positive ranking in the search engine results lists. These factors change from time to time because the search engines change their algorithms regularly. One factor that is constantly important and becoming more important is content marketing.

Provide informative and / or advisory content on your website and you will find that an interested readership will develop over time. Your readership is not necessarily and primarily customers with whom you can directly generate sales.

The more interesting the content provided (texts, images, video, podcasts, ...), the faster your audience will grow and the higher the possibility that parts of your readers can be won over as customers.

In every department of a company there is specialised knowledge that can be useful for interested parties and / or customers. The art is to prepare this knowledge and make it available to the public.

Content marketing can achieve several goals at once:

  • Customer information and advice
  • SEO
  • Highlighting competence and building trust,
  • high service orientation

How you can achieve this is a question of organisation and the resources used in the company. For my part, I maintain that every company can make such content available on the Internet if it is desired by the company management. What prevents you as an entrepreneur from starting with content marketing?

Content marketing: customer information and advice

Interesting content serves to inform customers. Customers can inform themselves about a certain topic in advance. Useful information on the web gets around. Additional traffic can be generated on the website. The traffic generated in this way will not only be expressed quantitatively, through higher visitor numbers. It can be assumed that the length of time customers / website visitors stay on the website will increase.

Content Marketing: SEO

First and foremost, content marketing plays an important role in connection with SEO. High-quality texts / information increase the "fodder for the search engines". Search engines can better assign the content of the offer. In addition, the production of high-quality content increases the number of individual pages on a website, which ultimately increases visibility.

Content marketing: highlighting competence and building trust, high service orientation

Content marketing is generally useful for every company. In my opinion, it becomes obligatory for companies that want to sell products and services that require intensive consultation in a highly competitive market.

In this case, good content marketing can be a unique selling point.

In connection with content marketing, "eh do" costs will initially arise (colloquially, these are costs that are "eh do", i.e. are there anyway ūüėČ ), as existing resources can be used differently. Particularly in the area of consultancy-intensive products, a company achieves an increase in external competence and gains the trust of customers. It is important that the customer realises that his problems can be solved. Problem solving is at the same time an expression of a high service orientation. So: with a "re-sorting" and restructuring in the handling of information, maximum output can be achieved. You just have to tackle it!