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Marketing in the internet age

Internet marketing encompasses many sub-disciplines:

  • Social media marketing
  • Communication with push messages
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Search engine optimisation / website optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • and much more.

Not every sub-discipline is relevant for every website operator. But each sub-discipline is in turn almost a science in itself. The age of classical marketing is over. Everything has become much more technical.

Push messages

Communication by means of push messages is also still relatively rarely used. With push messages, you automatically notify website visitors about new messages. This can be a message on a phone or via a browser.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing raises the question of which channels you want to be present on. There are many channels. The most frequently used are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. When it comes to the question of which channels can be relevant, a target group definition is essential. Only then do you know where and how you can reach your customers.

Newsletter marketing

Newsletter marketing is an area that is most overlooked. People forget that newsletter marketing is about connecting with existing customers, making newsletter marketing an important customer loyalty tool.

Content marketing

With content marketing, you put your expertise on certain topics in the foreground. This creates trust and authority. Good content is always read and guarantees repeat visits.

Youtube Marketing

Video marketing on YouTube is also indispensable nowadays. A channel on Youtube is indispensable, at least in terms of search engine technology. But which videos are interesting? What should I present to my customers as a video? Here, too, the following applies: with high-quality and authentic content, you are on the right track.