Search engine optimisation: customers don't come by themselves

That would be nice: earn money in your sleep. Just create an internet shop, put it online and earn money without doing anything else. That would be great.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works.

There are several million different websites on the Internet and your competitors are certainly represented as well.

Basically, the longer a website/domain is online, the more weight or importance is given to it by the search engines. So if you put your internet shop online with a new domain and think that you will find buyers without any further action, you are mistaken. You have to become active.

On-page optimisation

The most important prerequisite for your shop to be found at some point is on-page optimisation. This means, among other things, that the technology of your website should be search engine friendly. It should adhere to the most common rules. Furthermore, the existing information should be designed in such a way that it is readable. So: there are already important things to consider when creating your website! And very important: blog. Make important / relevant information available to potential customers. These should be your Competence, your Seriousness and your Reliability Turn out!

Off-page optimisation

Imagine you open a business in the jungle. The roads to your business are not yet developed and no one can find you. That's exactly how you can imagine the internet. Even if you have done everything on-page, the infrastructure must now be laid. You have to develop paths that lead to your website:

  • Social media marketing
  • Publish posts on other blogs
  • Press work and public relations
  • Ad advertising

Social media marketing

A first important step is to make your offer known in social media. Here you make contact with potential customers and lead them to your offer. These actions will already bring you some visitors.

Posts on other blogs

If you publish articles on other blogs, then you have taken another step towards infrastructure. To do this, search the Internet for suitable blogs and ask the operator whether he publishes contributions from you on his website and links them to your site.

Press work and public relations

Inform the press about your offer. Become active in the community where you live and draw attention to your offer.

Ad advertising

Both on social media and on search engines, you can start paid ad advertising.

First determine your target group

In everything you do, you should think very seriously about your target audience and develop a strategy for how you want to engage with them and what content you offer.

Read our article on this topic: Content Marketing: Target Group and Byer Persona.

If you have determined the target group, then you know in which direction it is going and you can work in a targeted and strategic way.

The whole thing is a process

All the work described is a process. Success will not come overnight. But if you proceed systematically and purposefully, optimise on-page and off-page and observe your competitors, success will come after a few weeks. You will then be found better.