SEO - sense and nonsense

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is generally important so that the website and the associated company offer can be found by potential users. Only in this way can sales be generated / profits be made.

As a rule, "real SEO" is extremely time-consuming and therefore also a costly affair.

But the question arises as to whether every company really needs to carry out SEO for its website in the classic and extremely extensive sense.

Companies that operate nationally or internationally cannot avoid classic SEO - that is not a question and I do not want to discuss this issue further in this article.

But what about some local businesses, e.g. veterinarians?

There are many companies that operate locally in a small area. It can generally be assumed that the company owners are regionally active in associations, municipalities, etc. In these enterprises, the classic "Word-of-mouth" is lived and used in a very successful way. The head of the company appears personally in public, is his own business card and thus the best advertisement for himself and best of all: he is not even aware that he is practising a very modern method of search engine optimisation, namely off-page optimisation.
Courage, self-confidence and a positive aura (charisma) are all part of it!

I find it interesting that in these digital times, this classic form of advertising, "word-of-mouth", is greatly underestimated. It is more comfortable to interact from the computer. You don't have to move around and "TAKE ACTION"!

It is much more convenient than "UNDERTAKING" something and becoming active to book advertising campaigns with various internet services (some of which are very complicated to handle) and then be reassured "you are doing something for the advertising". But should that be all? No! In addition, you go and book not only paid advertising, you also book SEO agencies and then wonder about the bill. The conscience is soothed, the wallet is relieved. But is that a guarantee that the venture will be successful?

Are there companies that can do without SEO?

Generally, the answer is "no". But as with everything, there are exceptions. Only recently I met an entrepreneur who wanted a new website, but only so that he would appear more "modern" in public. However, he had absolutely no ambitions to become "better known" and he had no competitors. He says that his side company is well utilised (even in C times). Another exception might be veterinarians; a good veterinarian is always well utilised; with or without SEO. Word gets around about a good vet. The classic word-of-mouth recommendation.

For everyone else, strategic SEO is essential!