Search engines are blind

Search engines are blind. Search engines still work mainly text-based. So in plain language: images cannot be recognised and neither can text contained in the image. Not least for this reason Content marketing a perennial issue in connection with search engine optimisation and should therefore be pursued permanently and purposefully.

In the meantime, Google can already recognise text contained in images. Search engines can also recognise colours. Since colours are usually given as hexadecimal code, it speaks as text.

I repeat myself here: while the criteria for SEO are constantly changing and being revised: Content marketing will not lose its importance in the foreseeable future, quite the opposite.

The content provided must be useful for the target group. So you should think about your target group and their interests. Then create a strategy and an editorial plan and offer appropriate content. Only then will you be able to strengthen your position in the long run and convert prospects into buyers in the long run. There is a lot of information in every company that is relevant to the target group. Even if you initially think that you cannot offer appropriate information.

Important: publish regularly. Preferably at set times. You will find that your readership is waiting for your information, as you will receive corresponding feedback!

A unidirectional, virtual fairy tale from D√ľsseldorf:

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