The marketing decision-making process in working with our advertisers

The marketing decision-making process in working with our advertisers

Good marketing depends on both the advertiser and the target group being able to identify with a campaign or advertising material. It doesn't matter whether marketing decisions are to be made online, for example via a website or content blog, or whether a print campaign is to be planned. This is how we work together with our clients to make better, more appropriate decisions.

This is how a marketing decision is made

As an agency, we can only react when you as a client commission us to come up with an idea. Often our clients don't yet know too much about what they envision as an advertising medium, but they have an exact vision of what they want to achieve with it. Our experts then work out a first draft, the digital and analogue means of which are used to achieve the goal, for example increasing sales or addressing a new target group. The marketing decision process works similar to a buying process in 5 phases.

  • Recognise the problem
  • Finding and sharing information
  • Offers of possible solutions (advertising material)
  • Deciding on a strategy
  • Implementation of the marketing by our agency

Actively bring about urgent decisions

Many clients only come to us when previous marketing attempts have been unsuccessful. When in-house interns or the PR department have attempted to play on social networks or blogs with little success at best and often dominated by negative feedback, it is time for a professional campaign. We therefore also see our role as experts in activating customers. Companies need to understand the opportunities that arise for them through competent advice and professional implementation of advertising. That is why we are happy to advise you as a client in detail. However, we also clearly point out urgent decisions when facts and figures indicate that the business itself is suffering from a lack of marketing measures.

Financial decisions around marketing

A marketing campaign can put a strain on the budget of small businesses. As advertising experts, we know that not all companies can budget a large item for their marketing. But digital opportunities in particular can be implemented quickly and easily on a limited budget. The creation of a new website, for example, incurs higher one-time costs, but afterwards maintenance and updating are very affordable. Google MyBusiness with a connection to Google Maps is also an essential tool that we can use for you at low cost to make the company as visible as possible. Content blogs for online shops and company websites can be used permanently without constantly generating new costs. But you can also make significant savings in print and outdoor advertising with your choice of medium.

Successful decisions for a trusting cooperation

We advise companies on their marketing opportunities, no matter how high the budget for the new measures. In the decision-making process, we inform about costs and benefits and give an outlook on the successful campaign. For us, the marketing decision-making process has been successful if we can implement advertising measures for you that then achieve their goal and deliver added value for you.

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