The role of information in the marketing decision process

Marketing is a form of communication. Depending on how well information is conveyed to the target group, buying decisions are positive or negative. But information determines the entire process of deciding on advertising media, campaign goals and content.

Define marketing goals and collect information about the company

In the first step of the decision-making process around planned marketing measures, clients contact us with their ideas and drafts. The development of a marketing concept lies with us as a competence partner. But before that, we as an agency discuss with our advertising clients the goals that are to be achieved with the marketing. This exchange of initial information only works when we know the company.

For example, it is essential to explore the industry. How do competitors advertise, what marketing tools work for the industry? Are there negative examples of campaigns whose strategy we should avoid? What does the client sell and who do they want to target with their advertising? As an entrepreneur, you can provide us with some of this information; we gather other information through comparisons and research.

Exchange and evaluate information

During our research, we collect a lot of data about the market and competitive situation, competitors' advertising strategies and, of course, about your desired target group. We will gladly provide you with this information and put it into context during consultations and meetings. Not every piece of information is important for the creation of a marketing plan. But the exchange can stimulate new ideas and concepts.

As an entrepreneur, you only ever see a section of the market, or of your industry segment. With comprehensive research by our experts, you can expand this knowledge and react accordingly. Thus, cooperation with an experienced agency is already worthwhile in the planning phase of your advertising strategies.

How marketing generates new information

An active advertising campaign, for example via social media, search engines or a new website, constantly generates new data. That is why, if the target group is not yet known in detail, different advertisements are first placed for different personas. An advertising persona is an avatar that has certain characteristics. But it often turns out that the desired target group reacts less positively to the advertising than other demographic groups.

This information is collected and evaluated in statistics. In this way, we constantly improve your marketing and can make cautious predictions for certain advertising media and motifs. We discuss the results openly with our clients. We want you to get to know your target groups even better through marketing. Active market research can also be an additional tool to first collect a lot of different information and only then plan advertising.

Open exchange at eye level

In our agency, we believe in sharing all information with our clients, but preparing it in a meaningful way. In this way, in the course of a marketing campaign, you will also learn where it is worthwhile to make improvements to the brand and image, or how your company philosophy is perceived from the outside.

Arrange your preliminary meeting now and together we will plan your marketing measures online, analogue or in the diverse marketing mix.