retail trade

This is how local traders will remain successful in the future

Local traders now need feasible, forward-looking and sustainable alternatives for action.

According to PR Agentur PRO, it starts with a focus on the retail sector's very own strengths and ends with implementation "digiloger" communication. Here, the digital world is intelligently linked with the analogue world.

But first, let's focus on the distinct and original advantages of retail that even an online giant can't beat:

  • PERSONAL CONTACT AND ADVICE: Unlike the online giants, local traders know their customers personally.
  • SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: Customers can shop on site, in pleasant premises and social surroundings.
  • PRODUCT LIFE: Customers can experience the product on site and can make alternative decisions.
  • CUSTOMER NEARBY: As a local retailer, you are in close proximity to your customers. You know their preferences and can respond directly and immediately.
  • FUN, COMMUNICATION AND RECREATION VALUE: This social effect of local traders cannot be beaten by the online giants!

Creating a simple online shop and marketing it will not get you far at first. Customers want more. And local retailers can do more than the existing online trade.

But the question arises as to how these advantages can be exploited in the future?

A rethink is called for. The willingness to deal with digitalisation and the willingness to use new communication media. Many traders are already more or less digitalised in the "back end" (warehouse, merchandise management, etc.). We are not talking about this area here. We are talking about a new type of communication with customers in the "front end", so to speak. The analogue world is being united with the digital world - digilogisation.

This can be done very easily with community building on the website. In this way, traders stay in permanent and constant contact with customers even in times of crisis. The creation of an online shop is only optional, but expedient. First and foremost, however, it is about maintaining communication with customers. This type of communication becomes interesting when many retailers join forces. Then shopping portals can be established for an entire city. The concept can still be expanded very easily and inexpensively to include virtual trade fairs - and without 3D! PR Agentur PRO is your competent contact for questions on this topic.