Attention: important keywords! Is this what is being searched for?

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SEO and the keywords

The offer, the target group etc. determine the keywords. Each page or article should be based on a single keyword be optimised when it comes to SEO! But are you sure that the keywords you personally consider important are even being searched for?

Keyword - why is the monthly search volume important?

Let's take this page as an example. PR Agency PRO is a service provider that specialises in "digiloge communication" has specialised in. This is a detailed concept about how to combine analogue communication optimally and smoothly with digital communication in an intelligent way. We find "digiloge Kommunikation" very suitable for this "long definition". But there is no monthly search volume for digiloge Kommunikation, i.e.: it is not searched for! You can blog yourself to death for this keyword "digiloge Kommunikation" and never get the result.
If it is not searched for, you cannot be found!!!

A professional SEO tool outputs qualified alternatives and word combinations. This gives you a chance to rank for keywords that have a high competitive share.

Alternative keywords may lead to the goal!

Alternative keywords may eventually lead to the goal. The goal is to be ranked as high as possible in the search engines. But which keyword should be used now?

These keywords can lead to the target

Put simply, the following keywords can lead to the goal: Keywords with a high monthly search volume and a low competition quotient.

The monthly search volume for the keyword "keyword" is currently 1300. This number seems quite attractive. The competition is 48%, which means that there is a probability of 52% to rank with this keyword.

By the way: The original aim of this blog post was not to write a post that should rank for the keyword "keyword". The original intention of this post is still to make clear that it only makes sense to use keywords that are searched for.
As I am writing this post, I just got the idea that this may be possible. We will see and report further. But overall, I'm surprised that the monthly search volume for this word isn't higher, but I would also have estimated the competition to be higher.

Consider whether the keywords you consider important are being searched for and also in the relevant context

What does the "relevant context" mean now?

So. Currently we have a client who really wants to use a certain keyword. But after this keyword

  1. not searched
  2. and if they do look for it, then we are in a completely different sector / industry.

The latter means that the search engines would be focused on a completely different topic.

How do you find targeted keywords?

You can find these keywords with a professional SEO tool.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]