Eliminate resources that prevent rendering

I just did another speed test for a website. I was totally annoyed by the result - just 45% on the desktop. That is not pleasant.

But lo and behold. WP-Rocket has already remedied the situation with the default settings. After the finetunings with WP Rocket, the page has reached a whopping 96%. Just green everywhere. Perfect! There are over 40 plugins installed on this site; including a shop, a community system and an LMS! We call this acceleration remarkable!

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best plugin for speeding up a complex WordPress site that I have ever seen; and I have tested several so far. Not one other achieves such speed-up as WP Rocket. It is a paid plugin. In times of Core Web Vitals, every single cent for this plugin is a very good investment!

WP Rocket works "clean

With other plug-ins of this kind (even paid ones), I had already experienced one or two surprises after the fine-tuning and I was glad that I always had an up-to-date backup available. WP Rocket works "cleanly": even after the fine-tuning, the site worked as it should. Recommendable in every respect!

WordPress and the pagespeed (speed of the page)

WordPress and speed is an eternal topic. If a website has to fulfil many functions, then many programmes are required for it. The more programmes are installed, the slower a website created with WordPress becomes. There are numerous additional programmes that increase the speed free of charge. But so far, as I said, none of them, not even paid programmes, have come close to the speed-up of WP-Rocket in Finetuning. In addition to the add-on programmes, there is also the possibility of acceleration via CDN (Content Delivery Network). With a CDN load-intensive parts are outsourced to a cloud. The page is accelerated.

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