SEO - an equation with many unknowns

SEO is generally an equation with many unknowns.

A lot of things have to be taken into account.

  • On the right keyword,
  • to the importance and relevance of the topic,
  • on new search engine algorithms,
  • on the search volume and
  • much more.

Mathematically speaking, an equation with many unknowns is not solvable.

SEO is "Try and Error

SEO is try and error. You choose a keyword or similar and test the success. Try and error costs time and money. And what you should never lose sight of: Once you have earned / fought for a position - then you should keep at it and "defend" this position again and again. In other words: SEO is a "never-ending story".

The new algorithms of the search engines

Search engines set new criteria from time to time that are important or relevant for a good ranking. They usually do this without much notice. Well. That's not entirely true. In Along with the Google Core Web Vitals, it was already pointed out in mid-2020 that these criteria were becoming very important. In the course of time, however, the weighting of these criteria was corrected more than once.

Today: These criteria are important - without question. But content is king. Still is! You can rely on that.

Let's just conclude that there is a lot more to gaining acceptable visibility.