SEO Trends for 2021 - Part I

How do I get to the front of the organic search results? This is the perennial question!
Many hope for an answer that has a one-off action as its solution. Far from it!

SEO was and remains a strategic taskthat never ends and cannot be done in a single action.
Success will not come overnight. But if you proceed systematically and purposefully, observe your competitors, then success will come after a few weeks. You will then be better positioned.

Also for the year 2021, the top topics in the SEO sector are:

  • Content marketing and
  • Video marketing
  • Optimisation for voice search

Content marketing has been a hot topic for many years. Video marketing has only been added in recent years and will continue to gain importance. Voice search is relatively new. Its importance continues to grow.

Content marketing

High-quality content became a crucial factor in the popularity of your website a long time ago and is still at the top of the list. The better the content you create, the more people notice you and come back. Your work is appreciated.
If you cannot meet the users' requirements with your content, you will not rank highly in the search result lists. High quality information is a must.
In the meantime, search engines rate the information quality of an article higher than the number of keywords used.
Natural writing with a moderate number of keywords is now the formula for success. Start your keyword selection immediately. Use high quality keyword tools to get good results.

Video marketing

When it comes to video marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is Youtube. After all, Youtube belongs to Google. If you are new to video marketing, Youtube could be a very burdensome platform for you at first because there are many competitors there.
There are many other platforms you can use to achieve your business goals. Expand the video format and add social media marketing to the SEO strategy. This is more likely to lead to success in the early stages than focusing on just one platform.

Voice search

With "hello google", voice search is gaining in importance.
The best way to optimise your content for voice search is to organise it according to the most likely spoken questions and their language. What do we mean by this? Here is some advice we would like to share:
Start some paragraphs of your articles with questions like "what", "how", "when", etc.
When creating your content, think about niches where voice search is most commonly used. For example, users use Google Assistant more often when they are interested in purchasing, such as movie tickets, schedules and premieres. People use voice search to search for life hacks, cooking recipes, cooking video tutorials, how-to guides, etc. Voice search is also commonly used to find restaurants with their menus and working hours, etc. Here, the focus is on the nature of your business, structured data and local optimisation.
Since voice search is predominantly done on mobile devices, mobile optimisation of your website is more compulsive this time than ever before.

The target group

All actions on the above topics should be geared to your target group.
In everything you do, you should think very seriously about your target audience and develop a strategy for how you want to engage with them and what content you offer.
If you have determined the target group, then you know in which direction it is going and you can work in a targeted and strategic way and in the long term the ranking of your website will develop positively.