SEO - Content is King

Content is King. This is not just a saying by Bill Gates from an essay from 1996. This statement still corresponds to the facts today. In recent years, search engines have changed their ranking criteria from time to time. Good content has never lost importance. Quite the opposite. Good content was important, is important and will always remain important!

Honest SEO

Honest SEO is oriented towards the guidelines of the search engines. But never forgets the needs of the target group!

Honest SEO pays off. Patience and staying power are the order of the day. The lower the budget, the longer it takes to get good rankings with content marketing. The following statement is also true: the less competitors in an industry do in the area of content marketing, the higher the probability that you will be successful with content marketing.

An old wives' tale?

So it's not just an old wives' tale that you can positively influence search engine rankings in the long term with good and relevant content.

Domain diversification?

By this we mean that there are many website operators who run websites under different domains and link them to each other. The search engines notice this! If you do something like this, the domains should at least have different IP addresses and different owners (WHOIS entry).

Domain diversification is therefore absolutely NOT a solution for good SEO!

In the past, there have often been website operators who thought that they could increase their visibility by using different domains. So this is absolutely not the case!

The main domain must be strengthened - everything else is a loss of resources and a waste!

In general, it is important to strengthen the main domain. If your business is not creating glossaries, wikis or the like, then you should concentrate all your energy on your main domain and nothing else. Several different and other domains - including subdomains - are a waste of resources. A subdomain is also a "NEW" domain for the search engines, which must be maintained and "pimped". So why waste resources on several domains when the main domain is the one that is supposed to generate business success, sales? Why should you bother with other domains, why strengthen other domains, when you need all your energy for one domain or your actual business field? That is the question!

Domain diversification is not a solution - we have the proof

Simply by switching to a single domain, we have managed to increase the visibility of a domain by several hundred percent. A simple restructuring is all it takes. Ask us. We will prove this statement to you!

Good SEO is a question of cost

Yes, you are right. It's all a question of cost - also, or even more so, good SEO is a question of cost: good SEO requires time, patience, a lot of work and perseverance or staying power - all this should / must be paid for - otherwise it all comes to nothing! After all, you want to generate sales with the content of your website! That should be worth something to you!

It is definitely not done with a few content amounts!

Why is SEO a cost issue?

If you commission someone to do SEO for your website, they will first start by evaluating the current website. Even if there are tools for this, this evaluation still costs a lot of time if it is done seriously - moreover, the tools are not available for free either. Good tools are even very cost-intensive. Sometimes SEO agencies carry out this initial evaluation without charging, since the aim is to generate sales in the future. This "unpaid expense" (time) will be included in the SEO costs. Logical! Or not? Who likes to work for free?

It is also important to remember that free SEO analyses are often the result of an automatism and have not really looked behind the scenes! These analyses can look very professional. However, caution is advised. Not every SEO analysis of this kind is target-oriented.

SEO Best practice: Example Liebscher & Bracht

Just listen to the SEO Podcast by Liebscher & Bracht and how this company has managed to significantly increase visibility. There is one main person in the team with several editors. You can imagine the costs that were incurred. It becomes clear in this podcast that SEO is not a one-off task, but a process and that you can never actually stop doing it.

SEO is time-consuming

Imagine you have a local shop. Do you ever give notice to your cleaning lady? Definitely no. If you were to dismiss your cleaning lady, you would immediately look for another one. The shop has to be kept clean and attractive for your customers.

Admittedly. This comparison is a bit lame and slightly crude. But it is spot on. You can't stop doing SEO any more than you can stop cleaning a local shop.

Still, the question is: Can you stop doing SEO at some point?

OK. You can probably stop doing SEO and content marketing at some point when you have reached a certain position. However, continuous monitoring is then definitely called for. A position that you have fought for with hard work can be gone just as quickly from one day to the next if a competitor carries out the same actions as you. In the case of undesirable developments, you should always be able to pick up your activities again immediately and steer them in the right direction.

So: stay on your guard!

We have already proven several times that our SEO strategy is successful. We also provide you with search engine relevant texts that definitely rank. How fast and how high you rank is ultimately a question of your budget and the seriousness with which you want to do SEO - you have to believe in it and have staying power!

Good content marketing definitely pays off in the long run.

External factors for SEO - SEO is not only content marketing

You can of course accelerate the success of your content marketing with external factors. E.g. with Press releases. But with high quality press releases from high quality publishers such as News Current (Daughter of dpa).

Anything else will not lead to success. It only costs money, is time-consuming and brings nothing, because the backlink is often inherited from irrelevant subdomains without weighting. In the worst case, these are even "bad links" (disinfected links that have exactly the opposite effect).

With such publications at news up to date create high-quality external links to your website, which their Influence content marketing positively become. Many other providers are not really reputable and do not bring you anything at all in terms of positioning in the search engines.

Another possibility to influence the positioning from the outside would be, for example, to publish other blogs on your website with a follow link. But beware: not every blog is suitable. It should fit the topic and already have a certain ranking. So: look for a suitable blog, have it seo-technically analysed and if it is suitable, ask if you can do a link exchange.