WooCommerce - an impressive shop system for high demands.

WooCommerce is as simple as WordPress. Together with WordPress, the overall construct offers more than the sum of its parts. As with WordPress, there is much more behind the surface. Professionals can exhaust the "more" and use it for their success. From B2C to B2B shop to multivendor or multishop or virtual online trade fair, everything can be realised. Together with other programmes, WooCommerce can be "transformed" into a learning platform and much more.

Realise different solutions with WooCommerce:

  • Online shop
  • Learning portal
  • Community
  • Membership

WooCommerce Market Share 87%

E Commerce is colourful
WooCommerce is a very popular system for online shops. In Germany, the WooCommerce market share is currently 87%.


WooCommerce Agency PR Agency PRO - Services

As a full-serviceWooCommerce Agency Munich, we offer a range of services related to the development, design and maintenance of online shops that use the WooCommerce platform.

This includes custom design development, plugin customisation, payment gateway integration and ongoing technical support. We also continue to offer services such as SEO optimisation, marketing and Analyses to help them increase sales and improve the user experience on their WooCommerce shop.

Our WooCommerce services in detail

WooCommerce design and plugin development

WooCommerce design development

As a full service WooCommerce Agency we are able to create individual designs that are tailored to the specific needs and branding of our clients. This can include individual layouts, design elements and functions.

WooCommerce plugin customisation and development

In addition to the development of individual designs, as a WooCommerce agency we offer the customisation of WooCommerce plugins - so your WooCommerce shop is supplemented with additional functions.

Integration of payment gateways

The integration of a secure payment gateway is essential for every e-commerce shop. A WooCommerce agency is able to integrate a variety of payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe or credit card processing.

WooCommerce Technical Support and Maintenance

Ongoing technical support:

We provide ongoing technical support to ensure the WooCommerce shop runs smoothly. This includes troubleshooting issues, fixing bugs and updating the website as needed.

Website backups and security

Regular backups and security measures are important to protect the client's data and prevent hacker attacks. A full-service agency ensures that the website is regularly backed up and that appropriate security measures are taken.

WooCommerce Marketing and Analysis

WooCommerce SEO

As a WooCommerce agency, we optimise the online shop for search engines to increase visibility and bring more visitors to the site.

WooCommerce Marketing

We also undertake marketing services such as email campaigns, social media marketing and retargeting to increase sales and drive more visitors to the website.

WooCommerce Analysis

As a full-service WooCommerce agency, we naturally also offer analyses for your store. These help you to understand the performance development of your online shop, e.g. by tracking website traffic, conversion rates and sales data.

Your WooCommerce Agency Munich informs you about WooCommerce


You ask yourself, what is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a popular shop system for WordPressthat leaves nothing to be desired. WooCommerce is generally available free of charge. Selling around the clock is possible with WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, it's the same as with WordPress: there's more under the surface. WordPress and WooCommerce form a strong team for the online sale of products. The saying applies here: the sum of the whole is more than just the sum of the individual parts.


  • physical products
  • virtual products (e.g. download products)
  • Online courses
  • Memberships
  • Services
  • ...
Products can generally be offered and sold in many different variations (colours, sizes, ...). Accordingly, not only classic online shops can be realised with WooCommerce, but also learning portals, communities, memberships, virtual online marketplaces and much more.


WooCommerce Smart Coupons significantly extends the standard coupon system of WooCommerce. WooCommerce Smart Coupons A particularly marketing-supporting and sales-promoting function of WooCommerce Smart Coupons is the prepaid character of these coupons. Customers are assigned a specific coupon. The customer can then make as many purchases as they like until their credit is used up or the validity expires. Furthermore, credit can also be used for refunds or compensation. This is a particularly interesting option for customer loyalty. Shoppers can also buy vouchers and eventually give them away. This brings you new customers! Experience shows that "voucher owners" spend more than the voucher is worth. Seen in this light, this is a very important instrument for increasing sales. In addition, you have very likely gained at least two customers with one sale: the one who buys the voucher and the one who redeems the voucher. WooCommerce Smart Coupons allows you to insert a custom message and schedule delivery in the future. For example, a birthday voucher sent on the birthday with a personalised message. We find this plugin particularly valuable for marketing - for increasing sales of your online shop.


WooCommerce Shops are DSGVO compliant configurable. For prices, the corresponding statutory VAT is displayed in accordance with the law. For products containing quantities, the basic price is automatically calculated and displayed. The sale of alcoholic products is secured with a logged checkbox regarding the required age, and there is also the option of displaying the ingredients of food and cosmetics. To ensure that WooCommerce is compliant with the GDPR, it is recommended to use either the WooCommerce Germanized or German Market plugin.


Occasionally, shop operators would also like to Resellers sell. As a rule, these should see different prices and sales quantities. This can also be set and displayed. Other prices and quantities can be displayed based on target groups. Nothing stands in the way of a professional B2B shop. The B2B Market plugin is recommended for this. Read also our article WooCommerce Request A Quote.


Vouchers in general are just as suitable for customer acquisition as they are for customer retention. A new customer can be given a discount for their first purchase. An existing customer can be thanked for their loyalty with a voucher. WooCommerce comes with a simple voucher system. Vouchers can be created here according to various criteria and sent to customers. In this way, you can create incentives for customers to buy.


The design of the shipping methods / costs with WooCommerce is just as diverse. No matter if the shipping costs depend on the weight or the purchase value. In addition, product-specific payment methods can also be used.


In the standard function, customers receive a confirmation email when they have registered in the shop, a confirmation email when an order is placed. If the appropriate settings are available, invoices can be sent automatically and much more. But now to the marketing communication with customers via WooCommerce. For this we recommend the extension MailPoet. We have already reported on MailPoet in another article. Here are just a few advantages that MailPoet offers for WooCommerce: A welcome email is sent to the customer e.g. after registration. A customer leaves the shopping cart without completing the order. For this, MailPoet can be set to send a reminder to the customer. After a customer's first purchase, MailPoet can be set to automatically send a special email to that customer. A customer purchases a specific product. MailPoet can be set to be product specific. This means that the customer automatically receives further information about this product. Read about the many advantages of MailPoet in our separate article


It is not always desirable to display prices for products. Often you just want to present products. For this, it is useful to use WooCommerce as a product catalogue. Of course, you could also just present the products in blog posts with a contact option. But WooCommerce with catalogue mode offers more: You have the choice to sell a part of the products and present another part as a product catalogue. This can be controlled by user role. From this point of view, this way of incorporating a catalogue mode is the smarter option. As a website operator, you are open in all directions: you can sell directly or not. You can find a suitable plugin for this at WooCommerce directly; however, there are also other providers who make a catalogue plugin available for WooCommerce. If available, however, we recommend the original WooCommerce plugins.


There are numerous extensions for WooCommerce. We present some of them to you.

WooCommerce Bookings And Appointments by Pluginhive

You can find this extension here: https://www.pluginhive.com/product/woocommerce-booking-and-appointments/ WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments is a powerful plugin that allows you to turn your time, products or services into bookable resources. This plugin allows service providers and businesses of all kinds to integrate a booking solution into their WooCommerce website.

How to turn WooCommerce into a marketplace

With wcfm from wclovers you can turn WooCommerce into an online marketplace or shop-in-shop system.

How to turn WooCommerce into a multishop

With WooMultistore you can turn your shop into a multishop. Attention: This is not a shop-in-shop system like wcfm. Here, a "master shop" is defined that "sucks" products from other WooCommerce shops. You are, so to speak, expanding an existing shop with additional products from other shops. Each shop is legally independent. The "subshops" in turn can also display products from the other shops and thus expand their range.

WooCommerce and weight-based shipping costs:

Flexible Shipping By default, it is not possible to use weight-based shipping costs with WooCommerce. The plugin "Flexible Shipping" offers a remedy for this. Even in the free version, it fulfils a number of conditions. Flexible Shipping can do even more than just weight-dependent shipping:
  • Shipping costs, which are dependent on the purchase sum or also
  • Shipping costs calculated based on the number of items ordered.

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments

You can find this plugin for WooCommerce here: https://woocommerce.com/products/conditional-shipping-and-payments/ Conditional shipping and payment methods offer you an optimised way of
  • Shipping methods;
  • Payment gateways; and
  • Shipping destinations
for certain rules to change. The following rules are possible, for example: Provide free shipping per product, category or shipping class. Restrict shipping methods and live prices based on package weight, item count or cart total. Prevent individual products or categories from shipping to restricted countries, states and postcodes. Restrict shipping and payment options to specific customers and customer roles, such as membership holders or wholesale customers. Use specific payment gateways for subscription purchases or offer free shipping on subscription renewals.

Create purchase incentives: WooCommerce Points and Rewards

With the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, you can create additional purchase incentives: Reward customers for purchases and other promotions with points that can be redeemed for discounts. Easily set how many points customers can earn for every euro spent and how many points can be redeemed for a specific discount amount. Points can be awarded by product, category or global level, and you can also control the maximum discount available when redeeming points. Simply perfect!


With WooCommerce Memberships you automate income. A membership solution that is 100 % integrated with your content and products. WooCommerce Memberships isn't just another plugin to restrict the content of yourWebsite: It's a user-friendly, site-wide membership solution that brings your content, shop and memberships together. With Memberships, you can create a complete membership system that connects seamlessly to your shop. You can restrict your content to members, but you can also "phase out" that content over time to schedule when and for how long members have access. Sell access to content, include memberships with product purchases, manually assign memberships and fully integrate member benefits into your shop. Sell or assign memberships Memberships are not a specific type of WooCommerce product; instead, membership plans are created independently of products. This allows you to define how access is granted for maximum flexibility. You can assign 0 or more products (of almost any type) to a membership plan to support different types of memberships: sell a membership as a standalone product - create a product for the membership and then tie the plan to that product to sell it. Grant access to a membership as part of a product purchase - i.e. buy a subscription to a meal box, get free access to the recipe area Grant access to the same membership from multiple products (i.e. an annual purchase or a monthly subscription) Manually assign memberships to a members' area by invitation only invite Automatic Role Changer for WooCommerce by YITH The Automatic Role Changer for WooCommerce by Yith is very handy when it comes to a customer being assigned a specific role after purchasing a specific product.


WooCommerce is a very powerful online shop system for WordPress and also the best known. And it really leaves nothing to be desired. Generally, it is available free of charge. Depending on how many extensions and functions are needed, it can be several hundred euros per year in licence fees for the extensions. But it is worth it. WooCommerce can be supplemented with countless extensions and functions using the available plugins. Best of all, the extensions also leave nothing to be desired in terms of marketing. We describe the costs for the extensions as moderate. Imagine if you had to hire a programmer specifically for your shop for every extension you need - these costs would be many times higher than the costs for the already existing extensions / plugins!