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As a full service WordPress Agency Karlsruhe we offer them a range of services around the development, design and maintenance of WordPress websites.

This includes the

  • Development of individual designs as well as
  • the adaptation of plug-ins.
  • Of course, technical support is not to be missed.
    SEO, marketing and analyses round off our offer.


In our article "WordPress and the Web 3" we show how flexible and future-proof WordPress is. While other CMSs have already failed to survive Web 2, WordPress is advancing powerfully, reliably and flexibly and will also cope well with Web 3.

Which website project would you like to realise?

As your full service WordPress Agency we realise many different types of websites for you with WordPress. You can realise small sites as well as online shops, learning portals, communities etc.

  • Classic website
  • Online shop
  • Learning portal
  • Community
  • Membership
  • Everything combined in one solution

Your WordPress agency Karlsruhe informs you about WordPress

WordPress is demanding

You may have heard of WordPress. There is a lot of talk about this CMS and sometimes you might think it is too simple and banal a system. But as simple as it may seem, the areas of application of this CMS are just as diverse and very demanding.

WordPress is comparable to an iceberg:

You can only see part of it. But under the surface there is much more! From a simple website to a complex portal - everything is possible.

WordPress professionals can exploit all the possibilities of WordPress for your success! As a full service WordPress Agency we exploit this system for their individual needs.

There is a lot to be said for WordPress

The CMS is open source

Open source means that the code is freely available and can be used, changed and shared by anyone. This allows a large and active community of developers to constantly improve and update the platform, add new features and fix bugs. It also means that a large number of plugins and themes are available to customise the look and functionality of a website, making it easy, Unique and professional looking websites without the need for extensive programming knowledge.


WordPress is highly user-friendly. The platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for non-technical users so that they can create and manage their own websites.

Many functions and extensions

WordPress also offers a Variety of functions, such as

  • Integrated search engine optimisation,¬†
  • multilingual Support and¬†
  • robust security features.

This makes it a good choice for creating all types of websitesfrom simple blogs to complex e-commerce shops and portfolios.

Last but not least, the system is highly customisable and therefore perfect for the Creation of any type of website, from a simple brochure website to a complex e-commerce shop or membership website.

With themes and plugins, almost any desired functionality can be added, and with custom code, the website can be highly individualised - no wishes remain unfulfilled with this system. From a simple presentation website to an e-commerce function to a complex platform - everything is possible.

Automate processes

In today's world, processes need to be automated. This is exactly what the user-friendly CMS offers.

Connection to CRM

WordPress can be Excellent connection to your CRM. For example, it is possible to transfer completed forms directly into the CRM. In addition, email marketing can be intelligently automated, e.g. send visitors an email when they leave the shop without having made a purchase. The sales of the online shop can also be integrated almost seamlessly into existing accounting systems.

Plan contributions

WordPress allows users to schedule their posts in advance, automating the process of publishing content. This is especially useful for bloggers who can publish their posts at certain times and on certain days, even if they don't have time to do it manually.

Automated backups

Automated backups of your website are important to ensure that your website data is safe. There are several plugins that can automate the backup process, such as UpDraftPlus, BackUpBuddy and VaultPress.

Optimise images

Automatically optimising images for the web can improve website speed and performance. There are plugins such as WP Smush, Imagify and ShortPixel that can automate the process of compressing and optimising images for faster loading times.

Email marketing automation

With plugins like MailPoet for WordPress, email marketing campaigns can be automated, such as sending welcome emails, shopping cart abandonment emails, post-purchase follow-ups and more.

Social media automation

Plugins such as Hootsuite and Yoast SEO can automate the publishing and sharing of content on various social media platforms.

On the security of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs. So it happens that hackers like to get their hands on this system. In general, WordPress is secure. Like any other software, WordPress must be regularly maintained and kept technically up-to-date.

Read about WordPress security in our article WordPress Security

WordPress Market Share 64%


You want a modern and reliable website? Then using WordPress is a good decision. With this system, more and more than 64% of all websites worldwide created. There is a reason for this, not to say many weighty reasons!

We have listed some of these reasons on this website. Are you still unsure whether you want to implement your project with WordPress? Ask us: ks@pr-agentur.pro or call us on 07272 9029240.


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