WordPress & WooCommerce - the sales centre on the web

WordPress and WooCommerce - the ideal combination for your sales centre on the web

In all considerations, the following applies: The systems can be used in a legally compliant manner, i.e. DSGVO-compliant.


WordPress is the ideal CMS for your website. It is easy to learn and therefore user-friendly. Furthermore, a website with WordPress is cheaper than websites created with other CMS. Last but not least, WordPress can be used universally like a Swiss army knife. WordPress forms the basis for further considerations. If you want a website that "only" presents and the contents are static, then you need very few extensions or additional programmes. But with WordPress you can also sell products and services. You can create communities and online learning portals. In these cases, WordPress should definitely be extended with the shop system "WooCommerce" first. WordPress and WooCommerce together then form the basis for further considerations in the direction of eCommerce.


WooCommerce is the most popular shop system for WordPress. It leaves nothing to be desired for the sale of products and services. In Germany, the market share of WooCommerce, among e-commerce plugins, is now 87%. WordPress together with WooCommerce are the "powerhouse" for further e-commerce activities. A classic online shop can be extended with voucher systems, subscriptions, bookings and much more. In combination with other plugins such as Learndash, your WordPress website becomes an online learning portal. Finally, if you connect BuddyBoss, you have a (learning) community. On the community platform, people with similar interests can meet, discuss and network. The system can be further developed into a platform similar to Facebook or LinkedIn. WordPress. Simple but powerful! You can do much more with it than just create simple websites.



WordPress and WooCommerce can be used in a DSGVO-compliant manner. An extension is required for this. Either B2B Marketing or WooCommerce Germanized.

You want to sell regulated products

WooCommerce is also a powerhouse for the sale of regulated products, such as alcohol and / or tobacco products. In conformity with the law, a notice is attached to the corresponding products and it is pointed out that these products may only be purchased from a certain age. During the payment process, this information must be confirmed twice.

Are ingredients of products declared?

For certain products, the ingredients must be declared. Of course, this is also possible.

How are shipping costs calculated?
The shipping costs can be calculated as a flat rate or by weight. Furthermore, a differentiation by region is possible.

Can I sell to end customers and repeat customers with WooCommerce?

You want to sell not only to end customers but also to resellers? That is also possible with just one shop. The system can be set so that end customers and resellers see different prices and different quantities. For example, it is possible that resellers can only buy in bulk, while end consumers buy in small quantities - ultimately at a different price. Furthermore, the system is set so that end customers see the prices with VAT and resellers see the prices without VAT.

Can I sell subscriptions with WooCommerce?

Depending on what you offer in your WooCommerce shop, it can make sense to sell products and services by subscription. We would say that subscription selling, is in the royal class of selling. After all, this is how automated payments are received on a monthly basis. With the appropriate additional software, this is also possible without any problems. The subscription can be set up as desired, e.g. in the first step the subscription is free of charge, only after further use, after a certain period of time, it becomes chargeable.

Simplicity is the highest level of perfection