Blended Learning Virtual

Blended learning is by definition and in general a didactic teaching concept that combines online and face-to-face components.

In our opinion, such a concept is becoming more and more important in today's world, and we believe that in the future, online shares will predominate even more.

Now we would like to take a closer look at the "presence part" of this concept.

The attendance portion of blended learning

What is the attendance part primarily about? First and foremost, it's about the personal exchange, the direct contact with the teacher and the direct contact with classmates. This personal exchange can generally also take place online.

Blended Learning Virtual

Considering that face-to-face teaching is difficult to implement in today's world, one has to think about how to redefine face-to-face teaching and ultimately Blended learning redefined in a new and contemporary way. At the same time, the presence shares are not only difficult to realise because of the current Corona.

In the past almost 2 years, we have already got used to meeting "in person" on the internet with the help of video conferencing technology: via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others.

Admittedly. At first it seemed quite strange. But in the course of time you got used to it. And let's be honest: if there is something to discuss quickly, where you have to show each other something, a meeting via video conference is simply perfect.

The attendance portion of blended learning

We think that in the future the "presence part" of blended learning can increasingly be replaced with video conferencing technology. The character of personal exchange would then be given. The physical presence on site would not. But it doesn't really have to be.

The big advantage of this is that it doesn't matter where teachers and students are at the moment. They simply meet and exchange ideas. From today's point of view, blended learning is a kind of e-learning in combination with a kind of presence component via video conferencing technology.

It is interesting to note that at the beginning of the pandemic, and still, schools failed to educate students effectively and reasonably. We think this is due to poor organisation (both staffing and technology).

Implementing blended learning virtually with BuddyBoss and Learndash

We outlined what blended learning is at the beginning. BuddyBoss is a plugin for WordPresswhich makes it possible to organise oneself in social groups. People can meet online. BuddyBoss can also be linked to video conferencing technology. This means that groups, especially learning groups, can meet live and in virtual presence. Personal queries are very well possible in this way. If a teacher is also present, then all the better.

Learndash is also a plugin for WordPress and is an LMS (Learning Management System) - i.e. a programme with which e-learning can be realised. In combination with BuddyBoss, it does justice to the social component of learning. Learndash is used to convey standardised learning content. Queries and quizzes can be integrated. In this way, the learning success of the standardised training can be well assessed for the time being. In combination with the social component via BuddyBoss, the active interaction of all participants is possible in real time. We repeat: real-time questions and answers are then possible!


From this point of view, the concept of blended learning is relatively easy to implement virtually with WordPress, BuddyBoss and Learndash. For training providers, this offers the possibility of offering pure elearning courses and / or courses with a direct address option, i.e. with virtual presence. We believe that the learning sector will increasingly develop in this direction - but the whole thing is still in its infancy. Moreover, this kind of learning is not only interesting for schools. It is interesting for everyone who offers courses in some way, e.g. also for management consultants.