BuddyBoss application example club / association

Intelligent club / association management with BuddyBoss

Where is the issue of "community" more important than in a club or an association?

BuddyBoss can also be used very well for an association.

We have already reported on BuddyBoss in various places.

Please read our article "BuddyBoss“.

Question: What is the basic characteristic of an association or federation?

The basic feature of a club or association is "THE COMMUNITY". BuddyBoss as a community plugin for WordPress can more than adequately serve this basic feature. But now the question arises why we recommend BuddyBoss for clubs or associations.

BuddyBoss and the formation of groups

With BuddyBoss, "groups" can be formed. We could also call these communities of interest. Different permissions can be assigned to the groups. Groups can be visible or invisible. You can become a member of a group automatically and/or by request and much more. News can be posted within a group. In addition, messages can be sent to individual members or to all members of a group. If Zoom is connected, you can start a Zoom meeting directly from a group and the group members are automatically notified.

The invisible groups are of course only visible to assigned group members - as is the news for this group.

BuddyBoss and the Forums

With BuddyBoss, forum discussions can still be offered. It is possible to assign a forum discussion to a group.

The main benefits of BuddyBoss for a club or association are

By forming groups, it is possible to address members in a targeted manner. Messages are automated without the need to send elaborate emails. The success of the use of BuddyBoss stands and falls with an intelligent structure of the groups.

Additional source of income for clubs / associations

In conjunction with Learndash learning courses can be offered on a club/association website. If required, these courses can be "sold", i.e. monetised. The price can be set as desired. Association members can be provided with the courses free of charge. For non-association members, a subscription can be offered, etc. There are no limits to the imagination here. In any case, such an installation can be a Be an additional source of income for clubs and associations.