Do It Yourself - Web Design - Training WordPress

In this day and age, a website is becoming increasingly important for a company. Or rather: the importance has never been as high as it is today!

Creating a website requires a lot of time and knowledge - even if you create it with a website builder. As a layman, you can quickly lose patience.

Do It Yourself with WordPress

One of the most popular CMSs for creating websites is WordPress. The CMS is easy to use and a site can be created in a relatively short time. At least that's what you might think when you watch some videos. In these videos it is presented as if it were child's play. Well. On the one hand that's true and on the other hand it's not.

Whenever a website has to fulfil special wishes or be individualised, it becomes more difficult or even unsolvable for a layman. This is when experts are usually called upon.

How to Become a WordPress Professional in a Short Time

If you want to maintain your website and the content yourself in the future or create it completely yourself, then it makes perfect sense to get training on the subject. You can also learn everything yourself. Many training videos are available free of charge on the internet, but it remains to be seen whether they answer the exact question you currently have. Experience shows that it takes a lot of time to solve certain questions on your own. Time is money! What if you had a WordPress professional at your side who could always answer all your questions directly or who could research complicated solutions for you at a moderate price?

You determine the learning content!

In our Web Design Do It Yourself Series we offer 1:1 online training on various WordPress topics. You determine the content of each training course! The result of the learning can be, for example, a finished website or even a finished internet shop. We accompany you whenever you want. Costs only arise when you need us. In our training courses we provide help for self-help.

Hence our offer:

  • WordPress trainings
  • Elementor trainings
  • Woocommerce trainings
  • Divi training courses
  • Training in WordPress site maintenance
  • Buddyboss trainings
  • Learndash trainings

Not sure which training is right for you?

If you don't know which training is right for you, you have several options: