Do It Yourself - WordPress Technical Maintenance

Internet pages need to be technically maintained.

The reasons for this have been explained in our article "Why is website maintenance important?" set out.

This maintenance causes permanent follow-up costs for a website. If you don't want to bear these follow-up costs, you can leave it alone or do it yourself. You can learn how to technically maintain a WordPress website in our Course "Maintenance WordPress". This is a 1:1 online training course on how to technically maintain a WordPress website. We respond individually to your needs.

Depending on how much previous knowledge you have and how extensive your WordPress installation is, 3 to 4 training hours should be sufficient for such a training.

Alternatively, you can also book emergency support after completing the training.

In this course you will learn, for example:

  • How to put your site into maintenance mode during maintenance
  • Backing up the website: automatically and manually.
  • Restoring a backup
  • How to update plugins automatically
  • How to update plugins manually
  • How to create a mirror of the page
  • How to change the php version
  • and much more, or we can clarify your individual questions.