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H5P - Interactivity on the website

What is H5P?

H5P is a free software for the internet. With H5P you can create interactive content for the web. Content is not only consumed. Content can be experienced through interactivity. Numerous content types are available.

H5P itself is the abbreviation for HTML5 package.

Where can I find the official H5P website?

How do I integrate H5P into WordPress?

You download on the page download the plugin H5P and install it in your WordPress installation.

The Documentation for H5P you will find under the address

Here is also a detailed instructions for the integration of H5P in WordPress present.

What are the advantages of H5P?

One of the great advantages of using H5P is that you can access many different interactive content types

  • Presentation,
  • interactive video,
  • Memory game,
  • Quiz, multiple choice,
  • Timeline,
  • Collage,
  • Hotspots,
  • Drag & Drop,
  • Cloze ( Fill in the blanks),
  • Personality quiz,
  • Accordion,
  • Flashcards,
  • Audio recorder

A not yet insignificant advantage is the fact that content can be shared with others.

Personally, I am very excited about the possibility Making videos interactive. This works very easily and offers a great learning effect.

WordPress, H5P, Learndash & Buddyboss - an unbeatable quartet

H5P makes the trio "WordPress, Learndash, Buddyboss" to the final and unbeatable quartet for perfect online learning platforms and offers a Maximum effective learning experience.

Is H5P difficult to learn?

There is excellent documentation for H5P on the H5P website itself. Platforms like 4teachers already offer ready-made H5P scripts. E no programming knowledge is required. Created H5P content can be downloaded and further edited if necessary.

Interactive application examples for H5P

Very nice application examples are presented on the H5P website:

This makes online learning really fun!


With h5P you bring interactivity to your website.

Anyone who wants to create an online learning platform and offer interactive content should definitely use H5P. Together with various LMS and community software, a social learning meeting place can be created that leaves nothing to be desired and learning content can be experienced in a varied and creative way.