How much does a website cost per month?

How much a website costs per month is a good question.

Many website operators think that they should not incur any further monthly costs in addition to the costs for hosting. After all, in many cases it cost money to create.

A few preliminary considerations

Let's start with a distinction: Operators of a static website are very much right. Such a website usually does not incur any monthly costs other than the web hosting costs. The content of such sites is usually not changed and they do not offer any dynamics in the form of applications, e.g. like shop solutions.

However, over 50% of today's websites are dynamic websites and are based on a content management system (CMS). There are more or less regular technical updates for these systems. Most updates close security gaps. If these security gaps are not closed, the danger that the site will be hacked increases more and more. But legal aspects can also come into play. If a website is not kept technically up to date, the website operator is liable for any damage that the website may cause to visitors' computers.

Why do you have a website at all?

Let's ask ourselves why you have a website in the first place. There are many reasons:

  • You would like to present your company
  • You would like to sell products
  • You would like to generate leads
  • and many more

Let's keep in mind: In any case, you want to spice up your business and, if necessary, make sales or generate more sales.

How about if you had a shop?

So, if you had a shop (or maybe you do), you would have to pay rent for that shop every month. Energy costs are also added. And if you don't want to scare customers, the shop should also be cleaned regularly. Depending on the quality of the location, a 100 square metre shop can cost several thousand euros per month. You first have to earn these.

A website is your virtual "shop".

A website is your virtual shop or something like a sales representative.

Why then do many think that a website must not incur any further monthly costs?

This is how the monthly costs for a website can break down

Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance should not be forgotten under any circumstances. Depending on the type of website, monthly maintenance for a website starts at around 30 euros.

Additional programmes and services for which a charge is made

At CMS WordPress (which is free of charge), extensions or additional programmes are often installed. Some of them have to be paid for and the costs are usually calculated for one year. If you run a shop, for example, you will definitely need an extension that ensures that your shop complies with German law. Such an extension is available for about 80 euros per year.

Especially for shops or community portals, it is important that the legal texts are correct. Some of these can be generated free of charge on the internet. But if you want to be on the safe side, I recommend a subscription to IT Recht Kanzlei. This costs 10 euros per month. The lawyers assume liability for this.

The more functions your website has and the more your website has to be able to do, the greater the likelihood that additional costs will be incurred for add-on programmes - up to several hundred euros per year. Background: Add-on programmes for WordPress are available in annual subscriptions. The costs are therefore billed annually.

Changes to the website

Can you change your website yourself? As a rule, it should be very possible for you to change the content. But if you want to change the layout or add more extensions and functions, then you should hire a web designer to do it. They will most likely charge you.


For a small website, the monthly costs start at 30 euros. The more you want to change, add, etc., the more cost-intensive it becomes. But it takes quite a while before you have to invest several hundred euros per month for your website. All in all, this sales place website is still much cheaper than running a shop.

I have not included advertising costs in my considerations. Since these are added to both a local shop and a website. The advertising costs can also amount to several thousand euros per month in both cases.




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