How do I create a website for free?

The question, "How to create a website for free", is a very popular question.
Before we come to the final answer to this question, a few counter-questions.

What is a website?

A website is, so to speak, a presentation or an application on the Internet. A person, a group, a company, a corporation and much more can be presented.

What are the functions of a website?

Information function of a website

A website initially serves the Information potential clients, employees and business partners of various organisations.

Sales function of a website

Furthermore, on a website products and services can be sells be offered. Occasionally, product configurations are offered, among other things. Customers can configure certain products on such websites.

Learning with and on a website

Depending on who the target group of the website is, a website can also be a place of learning. Online courses are offered on such websites. These can also be sold. Sometimes there are free online courses.

Community building on a website

Communities can also be formed on a website, even with discussion forums if necessary. The website must be equipped accordingly so that such a function is possible.

Create a website for free with website builders?

You are probably thinking: there are many free website builders on the net. I can use them to create a website for free. That may be so. It may also be that you can use the builder purely intuitively and that a website comes out of it. But at the end of the day, one rule of thumb applies: as soon as you want a "special function", this also costs money. So: free of charge is not.

What skills do I need?

  • You need a sense of page structure. How does a user navigate through your website. You need to know how to build the website logically well.
  • Then you need to know about image editing. Many self-proclaimed web designers load unedited images onto their website. The result is that the image files are too large and the loading times explode.
  • As soon as you include functions such as a shop, you need knowledge about the legally correct structure of an online sales process and corresponding legal texts. Not to mention setting up the correct checkout.
  • You need specialist knowledge to build a learning portal or a community.

SEO Knowledge

Even if you have actually succeeded in creating a website with a builder. But the question still remains: Will your website be found in the search engines? Have you used the right keywords? Is the page indexable by search engines? and much more.

If your page is not found, then all your work was in vain.

Let us summarise

As a self-proclaimed web designer, you need at least the following skills:

  • Basic legal knowledge so that you do not break any rules.
  • Knowledge of web hosting
  • Knowledge in image processing
  • At least basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of SEO (search engine optimisation) - what good is your site if it can't be found?
  • Technical knowledge (speed etc)

Again on the legal aspects of a website

It starts with the legal obligation to provide an imprint, but it doesn't end with the DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation). It continues with legal provisions for cookies.

If you have an online shop, you must first ensure that the prices are displayed correctly: For end consumers, for example, it is mandatory that the price is displayed including VAT and that the note "incl x% VAT" is inserted.

For legal reasons, you can only obtain binding information on these issues from a lawyer. No one else can provide you with binding information on this.

Can a website be free?

This question raises the question of what is meant by "free of charge".

You need at least one web hoster. This costs money.

Even if you use a free CMS. At the latest if you want to build an online shop, further costs will be incurred: e.g. for paid extensions.

Last question: How much does your time cost?

Last but not least, you must not forget the question of how much your time costs. For an inexperienced person, even the construction of a simple website without additional functions can take tens of hours.

Are you still asking yourself the question "How do I create a website for free?"

You see. A website can fulfil different functions and be aimed at different target groups. Admittedly, the free mentality on the web suggests that you can create a website for free. But that is not correct. You might as well ask yourself, how do I get a car for free, the answer to that would be: through a windfall, a gift. And even then, the car costs money: insurance, tax, fuel, maintenance, repair, and much more.

You cannot create a website "for free"; unless someone creates the website for you for free and also gives you the web space and the maintenance work.

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