The use of BuddyBoss for a restaurant website

An interesting possible application of BuddyBoss is community building for a restaurant.

What BuddyBoss is and what this system can do, we have already explained in detail in one of our articles:

Buddyboss - WordPress Community Plugin

Now we describe in detail a special application of BuddyBoss:

BuddyBoss for a restaurant website

Until 1.5 years ago, the word "LockDown" was rather a foreign word for all of us. Nowadays it is already part of everyday use. One sector that suffered and still suffers particularly from the situation is the restaurant industry - it had to close most of the time and will have to close again in the event of another lockdown.

How you can prevent such situations as a restaurant owner

First build an email list

It is certain that many restaurant operators have not thought about how to get in closer contact with guests in recent years. A few restaurant operators already offer newsletter advertising. These have a very important element: the customers' email address, which is the prerequisite for personal contact. If you haven't done this yet, you should start building one up now at the latest. There are several ways to do this:

  • You approach customers to ask if you can write to them,
  • include a subscription option on your page,
  • Distribute information leaflets, do classic advertising
  • uvm

Under no circumstances should you forget to get written consent from customers for you to write to them. If you offer a subscription option on your website, it should work with double opt-in.

Build a community with your customers with BuddyBoss

Even with a LockDown, you could offer different things - provided your customers know about it. Therefore, a good email newsletter list is a good basis for this.

Offer your e.g. in a Newsletter Give guests the opportunity to become a special member, e.g. a club member of your catering business, and build a community area with BuddyBoss on your website.

You could

  • Offer online cooking courses or
  • Food for pick up or
  • A delivery service
  • Online wine tasting
  • and much more

There are actually no limits to your imagination. You just have to do it - and you have an excellent opportunity to generate income again. You will find that your customers who have enjoyed visiting you all these years will remain your customers even in times like these.

Many possibilities with BuddyBoss

Use the many possibilities BuddyBoss offers you. A further step would also be, for example, to offer the online courses properly as a course and to sell this course. To do this, the site must be extended with an LMS such as Learndash. You film yourself cooking something very special - and then sell this video several times in the community area on your website.

The digiloge communication concept from PR agency PRO

With BuddyBoss you then have a special website. But you can only use it promisingly if you learn a new way of communication. We at PR Agentur PRO also offer you training on our digilogen communication concept - we combine the analogue with the digital world in an intelligent and sustainable way and will be happy to show you how it works.

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