Why is website maintenance important?

Nowadays, websites are based on a CMS - Content Management System. This is a real programme that is subject to regular technical updates.

Some updates bring new features, most of them close Security gaps in the system.

If a website is not maintained regularly, then several aspects are affected.

A. The safety aspect

Lack of technical maintenance makes the website vulnerable to attack. It becomes vulnerable to hacks. The probability of your website being hacked is higher than you think. Bots are regularly on the move, scanning websites for security vulnerabilities. The result can be that your website is deleted from the search engines' index.

B. The legal aspect

Website operators are liable for the security of their website. Should your website be afflicted with malicious code for whatever reason (usually due to lack of maintenance), it is possible that a visitor to the website "catches" a virus or Trojan horse on his or her computer. If it can be proven that this has happened as a result of visiting the website, the website operator can be held liable for this.

C. The content aspect

If the content on the website is not updated, this is annoying for website visitors. Nothing is more boring than being presented with texts or content that is several years old and no longer up-to-date.

The result of lack of maintenance

The result of a lack of maintenance is that

  • the website is deleted from the index
  • the website ranks poorly
  • the visitors stay away completely.