WordPress: fast hosting with CDN (=Content Delivery Network)

Anyone who runs a WordPress site with many plugins will notice time and again that the site slows down with each additional plugin installed - WordPress is very hungry!

In our SEO Trends for the Year 2021 Part II we have already reported that Google will place special emphasis on the Core Web Vitals from May 2021. However, it is also clear that valuable content will remain the front-runner! There are various solutions to make a WordPress site faster. Starting with cache plugins to tools that reduce the file sizes for images, etc. Google it and you will find what you are looking for.

CDN -> Accelerate WordPress

In our opinion, one of the best solutions to speed up WordPress is a CDN. Here, static elements of the website are outsourced to another server. On your own server, the traffic is reduced through caching. Your web server eventually connects to other servers. When users call up a certain area of the website, a special routing system determines which server is best suited to deliver the requested content.

There are various CDN services on the net with many different pricing models. But the simplest solution initially seems to us to be a Choose a hosting provider that has already integrated a CDN, e.g. Kinsta. Kinsta is a managed WordPress hoster. All servers are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform.

But beware: With Kinsta, you only book WordPress hosting. You cannot register a domain with this provider. You do that somewhere else. So when registering the domain, you should make sure that it is possible to change the DNS entries of the domain, because these have to be changed. Otherwise it won't work with Kinsta. The cheapest WordPress hosting currently starts at 30 euros per month for one site or one domain. In return, however, the website becomes blazingly fast, thanks to the possibility of outsourcing to a CDN.

Speed up WordPress with a plugin

In our article "Eliminate resources that block rendering"we introduce you to WP Rocket. In our opinion, this is the best plugin for speeding up a WordPress site.

Update 12 January 2021 on WordPress web hosting provider Kinsta:

I just received the latest newsletter from Kinsta that all websites hosted by Kinsta will soon be able to use Coudflare services. This will increase the security and performance of websites.

In a first phase, the following services will be made available:

  • Premium DDoS protection for security.
  • HTTP/3 support for speed.
  • Wildcard SSL for security.

As the project progresses, power amplifiers will be added such as

  • Cloudflare CDN with your own domain name.
  • Caching on Cloudflare's Edge servers.
  • Cloudflare's "Under Attack" mode.

A precise timetable is not given. However, I assume that this change will be made in view of the planned Google update in May and may be available in time.

Other hosting providers that we recommend for and which offer a CDN included

Anyone who now visits these pages and enquires about the price for web hosting may be surprised. Only at WPMUDEV does the price for web hosting for a website start at 10 euros per month. The other providers range from 15 (Raidboxes) to 150 euros per site per month.

Why again special WordPress hosting with CDN?

The prices of the special hosting providers also have their reason.

Anyone who has anything to do with WordPress websites knows the tremors of technical maintenance. The more extensive an installation is, the more exciting the update and maintenance becomes. It can happen that nothing works anymore afterwards and then you are glad if there are reliable backups that can be quickly restored.

Such special providers usually offer a CDN and a very high server performance. Furthermore, protection from DDoS attacks, additional backups can be added and much more, which makes maintenance less stressful and more comfortable and also makes the site more secure and stable.

Anyone who collects data on their website (shop, learning portal, etc.) is obliged to handle this data with care. It makes no sense to make it as easy as possible for a hacker to destroy the site and possibly tap into important customer data. Do not save in the wrong place and use a reasonable hosting provider for your particular WordPress website! Most likely you want to make money with your website. Simply see the cost of hosting as a substitute for rental costs of space that you do NOT have because your offers are accessible, orderable, feasible online!